Every speaker is unique, never a clone. By providing a comprehensive training in the technical skills of speaking and communication the speaker is free to develop their own style of delivery by using only the skills that work well for them. For some speakers the use of stillness can be empowering, in others animation and physicality can convey energy and drama.

The coaching program is founded on 3 principles.

  •  True confidence cannot be taught alone. Confidence develops naturally when the speaker is armed with a solid set of skills that work and can be relied upon.
  •  A good speaker must master two disciplines. Control of the voice and the body and tell a good story.
  •  Good coaching is about enabling the speaker to convey their own personality and passions.

Course outcome

  •  Speak with confidence
  •  Overcome nerves
  •  Create impact
  •  Engage the audience
  •  Tell a compelling story no matter the topic.


Speaking is an art and a science. Working directly with your coach will allow you to develop a unique speaking style, play on natural strengths and eliminate any weaknesses in technique or confidence. Armed with a complete and solid skillset, you will engage your listeners with calmness, persuasion and command.

Coaching for individuals has two aims:

  1.  To arm the speaker with a complete set of speaking skills.
  2.  To work with the speaker on the use of these skills to develop their unique style of delivery.

This training normally consists of a series of private coaching sessions with enough time between for the speaker to practise and master the techniques. Finally, the speaker is taught to scale these skills to any situation from one-to-one meetings and groups to larger, more formal speaking environments.


The group sessions are highly interactive and fun. The two-day sessions cover all the fundamental speaking skills to encourage and enable your team to communicate and present with style and confidence. Although the focus is entirely on effective speaking skills, these sessions also have a team building effect within your company.

Coaching for groups has two aims:

  1. To arm the entire group, as individuals, with a fundamental set of speaking skills.
  2. To encourage better and clearer communication within the organisation and in its contact with clients.

This two-day workshop is memorable, exciting and fun. Although the focus remains entirely on the skills of speaking and communication, the group session also has a team building side-effect as individuals are partnered and teamed up in exercises.